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Within the 1st Month of your contract, “We Invest $2,630.00 Into Your Company” by paying for all your “Marketing &
Promotional Material” - which also includes “Printing” Costs.   

In lieu of our substantial investment into your company, all we ask in return is that you remain committed to a “12-month
Marketing Contract” and honor the Initial Payment of $950.00 plus 11 subsequent monthly payments of $285.00/month.  
Your 13th Month is FREE!  ( Note: 2nd Year “Contract Renewal” Fees are reduced to $250.00/month.

In addition to your “Monthly Fees of $285.00/month”, there is a One-Time-Fee of $250.00 which is ONLY Payable when an
“Insurance DRP Account/Contract” has been secured for your store.

Once we have secured a DRP Account/Contract for your store, this administration fee covers the associated costs to
process your “Contract Documents” and paperwork with the Insurance Carriers. We also ensure that your store is correctly
set up with the “Insurance Claims Office” and that you are able to successfully retrieve “Assignments” from the DRP

about your investment
Within the first month of your Contract, we make an “UP-FRONT” investment into your store by paying for all the “Graphic
Artwork Labor” and “Printing Costs” needed to develop all your DRP “Marketing Material” and “Promotional Tools”.  This
“UP-FRONT” investment has been “Built-In” and is “Included” in your monthly marketing Fee.