drp network program team

Dear Store Owner,

We have developed a unique Promotional Platform that directly supports store owners in effectively “Showcasing” and
“Promoting” their stores to the Insurance DRP Providers.   

Wally Venter has over 30-years of experience in managing and owning Body Shops while Christine Venter has over 25 years
Marketing and Management experience with AT&T plus an additional 15 years with Body Shops and Insurance Carriers.  
Together, with the support and help from Insurance Carriers, we have successfully developed a program that now allows us to
directly help you to effectively market and showcase your store to over 40 insurance carriers that we represent through our
“DRP NETWORK Program”.  

We are experienced and familiar with the entire “DRP Application Submission” process.   Through the use of Full Color
Photographs, our unique format will set your stores DRP Application “apart from” and “above” your competitors.  

Over the past 8-years we have established a strong working relationship with the Insurance Carriers and developed an
accurate and comprehensive Insurance contact database of Managers, Supervisors and Adjusters.  I am sure you will agree
that applying for DRP Programs through making phone calls, writing letters and filling out the odd application form are
ineffective approaches that achieve minimal results.  

I look forward to hearing from you soon, in hopes that we may personally meet to discuss how we are able to assist you and
align your store with the Insurance DRP Programs.

Wally Venter, President                                 Christine Venter, Director of Marketing
wally@DRPnetworkProgram.com              christine@DRPnetworkProgram.com