Customer Impression Does Matter!   Keep all your customers documents in One Neat Package (Document Holder / Document

Create a lasting impression by presenting your customers pertinent delivery documents in a professional looking and Custom
“Document Holder”.  Your “Document Holder” showcases your store and serves as a continuous reminder of all the services you

Document Holder for:  
Invoice for Repairs
Copy of Body Shops “Estimate”
Copy of “Insurance Carriers Estimate”
“Warranty for Repairs” Certificate
Other relative Insurance Documents
Service Advisor “Business Card” or “Plastic Gift Card”
Also Include any promotions/discounts you are offering

Give your customers an Incentive to Return:  Combine your “Gift Cards” with your customers Pre-Delivery “Document Holder”.  
Include a “Gift Card” with your customers delivery documents.  Create a variety of “Gift Card Values” that will compliment the size
of repair that your customer may have had you perform on their vehicle.  Gift Card Values Range from $25 - $200 Plus.