repair process forms for body shops
front office process forms

Our “Repair Process Forms” Blue Print the entire Collision Repair Process for Each and Every
vehicle by introducing “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP’s) into the work place.  These forms
are designed to Reduce Repair Cycle Time, Increase Profit Margins, Reduce Costly Warranty
Come Backs, Minimize Liability Claims and Maintain Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.)

Front Office:    “Waiver & Release of Liability”
- Vehicle Unsafe to Drive

ABOUT:  “Waiver & Release of Liability” - Form
This Form is used when a customer walks into your store requesting an estimate for repairs.  
However,  upon inspecting the vehicle you identify that it is “Unsafe to Drive” on Public Roads (e.g.
Severe - Tire or Suspension Damage, Radiator Leak, Cracked Transmission ...etc)

Waiver and Release of Liability:
“Vehicle Unsafe to Drive on Public Roads”
This section indicates that the Repair Facility has taken steps to warn the customer that their
vehicle is unsafe to drive on Public roads.

Notification to Owners "Insurance Provider”
This Step Helps the Store to “Capture the Sale”
This section helps the Repair Facility to "Capture The Sale".   Motivate the customer to fill out this
section of the form and assist them in faxing it to their Insurance Agent who will generate a claim
and notify you if customer has rental coverage.  The key is to put the customer in a safe rental car,
have them sign the “Tear Down Authorization” so you can get started to prepare an estimate for

Note: A release of liability gives you a layer of protection, but it doesn't altogether negate the
possibility of a lawsuit. It does however make it difficult for the client to prove or claim that they
have come to harm without any warning from your store.

Front Office:    “Vehicle Check-In Form”

Typically, 4-6 forms are used when “Checking In” a vehicle to the Body Shop.  We have
compressed these forms into one concise document.  

Your Vehicle “Check-In” form allows you to gather and compile ALL the pertinent information you
will need in order to flawlessly process the vehicle for repairs.

ABOUT:  “Vehicle Check-In”  - Form

Customer Contact Details
Insurance Claim Information
Vehicle Information (Needed to Write an Estimate)
Fuel Status (At Time Vehicle Was Dropped Off)
Loose Equipment & Accessories Left in the Vehicle
List of Detachable/Non-Detachable Electronic Items
Current Condition of Vehicle (Body, Paint & Trim)
Prior Damage (Non Related to Collision)
Area of Reported Collision Damage (Show on Sketch)
Release of Liability for Personal Items Left In the Car

Front Office:    “Repair Authorizations Form”
ABOUT:  “Customer Authorization” - Form

We have compressed All the Authorizations, you will need from the customer, into one concise
form.  Your “Customer Authorization Form” keeps your store compliant with “Insurance Carriers”
and the “Bureau of Automotive Repair” (BAR) and guides you through the correct procedure of
obtaining ALL the “Authorizations” Needed for Each and Every Repair you Process.

Comprehensive Authorization Package
Customer Contact Details
Insurance Claim Information
Your BAR # Displayed on Authorization Form (Per BAR Law)
Your Company Name & Contact Details (Per BAR Law)
Vehicle Information/Description (Per the Law)
Obtain Authorization for “TEAR DOWN” (To Write estimate)
Obtain Authorization to “REPAIR VEHICLE”
Obtain Authorization “TO PAY + POWER OF ATTORNEY”
Obtain Authorization for “SUPPLEMENTS” (Hidden Damage)

BENEFITS:  Of “Blue Printing Your Repair Process”
Minimize Liability Claims and Maintain Bureau of Automotive Repair (B.A.R.) Compliancies
Reduce Repair Cycle Time     Increase Profit Margins     Minimize Liability Claims     Improve CSI
Reduce Costly Warranty Come Backs