Marketing Strategy:  

Set your estimate apart from your competitors - Attach your “Rackcard” to EVERY estimate you
Display your Rackcard in the Customers Waiting Room, Service Department, Parts Department
Launch a COST EFFECTIVE Marketing Campaign and Mail your “Rackcards” to your Service
Drop your “Rackcards” off at Automotive repair Vendors in your service area
Hand your “Rackcards” out at Automotive Shows and events

This Platform Assists You In “INCREASING YOUR MONTHLY SALES”.   Used effectively, this
small yet powerful marketing tool should recoup your investment and increase your sales within

In House promotional and marketing tool

Rack Cards, RackcardsImprove Your “Sales Capture Ratio” and Market to “NEW Business”
Turn “Estimates” into “Repairs”
In today’s market place, we need to “Capture The Sales” of shoppers who are scouting our
service area for the lowest Estimate for repairs.  

Set Your Estimate Apart From Your Competitors
Attaching your “Sales Tri-Fold Brochure” to every estimate, you write, will clearly set your
“Estimate” and “Store” apart from your competitors.  Your “Sales Brochure” takes clients on a
visual photographic tour of your repair facility and showcases the “State-of-the-Art” tooling you
have in place.   It also reinstates confidence and  reassures them of the “Professional Customer
Services” you offer and “Quality Repairs” your trained employees are able to provide.   

Launch Your Own Marketing Campaign
Also, use your “Sales Brochure” to stimulate your own Marketing Campaign with 1) Neighboring
Businesses  2) Companies with Fleet Vehicles    3) Dealerships in your area  4) Mail Market to
Old Clients

SALES BROCHURE:  Front / Outside View

Auto Accident “Report Card
Encourages clients to keep your brochure in their glove box, should they ever need it.

ABOUT:  Your “Sales” & “Marketing” Brochure

What Sets Our “CUSTOM” Tri-Fold Brochures Apart From the Competitors

We Personalize Your Tri-Fold Brochure:
Our brochures are Not Flimsy paper stock, we use heavy stock 100lb Gloss Cover (Card Stock)
Aqueous Coating to minimize scratches, finger prints and moisture.
We not only display your “Store Name” but also your “COMPANY LOGO”
We also display any achievement award logos you may have, such as “I-CAR”, “ASE” etc
We display “Photos of YOUR Store” in your brochure (Competitors often use generic On-Line
We Display a “Location Map” of your store
The “Accident Report” Panel, that we display in your brochure, encourages clients to keep your
brochure in their vehicle at all times.  Hence, you keep your store in front of clients at all times.

Paper Type:
Card Stock - 100# Gloss Cover Similar to "Business Card Stock

FULL Color -- Gloss Finish   
(With “Aqueous Coating to
- minimize scratches)

Printing Costs